Natural Gas Power Plants Contribute to Efficiency and Sustainability by Shortening the Steam Turbine Commissioning Time

The commissioning process of the Bandırma Natural Gas power plants was thoroughly examined, and the specifics of the 35.2% improvement achieved in
two years were discussed.
Bandırma-1 Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant's installed power of 930.6 MW is made up of two gas turbines and one steam turbine. The
commissioning process of a steam turbine and a gas turbine, which is the first of two main stages of the power plant's commissioning process, was
examined from start to finish by performing process data analysis based on upper limit values. The Power Plant Hot Start activation process was
improved by 35.2% in two years as a result of optimising the potential steam energy of the waste heat boiler, increasing the steam turbine
turnover speed, and relaxing the HP steam temperature criterion, which is one of the conditions for the steam turbine start permit. The presentation
includes technical details about this study as well as the results obtained.


Dr. Kahraman Çoban

Dr. Kahraman Çoban

Bandırma Process Monitoring and R&D Studies Deputy Manager, Enerjisa Üretim

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