Opening Speech

The gains that the conference can provide in terms of "Physical Asset Management" and the outputs to be obtained in these two days were mentioned, stating that Spektrum Akademi, where the conference is held, is designed as a place where information is discovered and shared with pleasure.

The Importance of Physical Asset Management in Electricity Production

As the expectation from physical asset management in the electricity production sector has evolved from corporate resource management to physical asset management performance management, it has been emphasized that it includes risk, incident and recovery management.

Asset Management Approach

It is explained how physical assets' purpose, tasks, strategy, value creation, and presentation to stakeholders all work in a cyclical fashion. Asset operation and investment decisions have changed day by day, especially in light of recent developments and sensitive points in society and the environment.

Center of Operation and Optimization: Senkron

The decision to establish Enerjisa Üretim's Central Operation, Control, Monitoring, and Development department, the functions it performs, and the value it provides to the organisation were discussed.

Academic Studies Panel in Physical Asset Management System

The process of academic research on physical asset management systems and their effects on sectors was highlighted.

Analysis of Physical Asset Management Data on The Journey to Tohe Digital Twin

The panel focused on the recently discussed digital twin concept, as well as the studies and actions taken to create virtual twins of existing equipment or systems in the virtual environment of the process, beginning with the design phase and continuing with the collection of raw data obtained from the operation and maintenance of physical assets.

The Effect of Standardization in Asset Management and Application of ISO55001 Principles

The presentation, which began with why organisations need the ISO 55001 Asset Management standard, emphasised that the standard provides effective resource management, transparency, and corporate consistency through a holistic approach of strategy and activity compatibility, optimum cost and benefit balance, and a holistic approach to change management.

Equipment & Criticism Analysis in Production Plant Fleetes

The Hubble project for a predictable and optimised maintenance strategy encompassing 16 hydroelectric power plants within Enerjisa Üretim was presented in detail.

Reliability-Centered Maintenance of Construction Assets

The panel discussed how this maintenance strategy is implemented in various industrial structures in construction assets, where monitoring technologies are more limited than in mechanical, electrical, and electronic equipment.

Electricity Production During COVID-19

The COVID19 pandemic, which has been affecting the world since December 2019, has had a significant impact on electricity generation, one of the labor- intensive industries.

The Place of Hydrogen in Decarborizing The Energy Sector

The session included studies from the past to the present in the presentation on obtaining and using hydrogen, which is expected to play a critical role among decarbonisation targets within the framework of the climate crisis.

Maintenance Planning For Sustainable Operation and High Availability

The panel discussed how the leading organisations in the energy sector manage processes ranging from daily maintenance planning to long-term maintenance planning, as well as the advances made in this field.

Hydroelectric Power Plants Warning System Failures Root Cause Analysis and System Improvements

A presentation was given on the technical examination, data analysis, and action determination process of the warning system failures that occurred in April 2020 at the ambaş Power Plant, which is part of the Enerjijisa Üretim hydroelectric power plant portfolio.

Tufanbeyli Power Plant MV Cells Breaker Driving Mechanism Manufacturing & Application

Making Medium Voltage Switchgear manoeuvres safer is an important issue within the context of Occupational Health and Safety.

Climate Change and The Seas

The mucilage problem, which frequently came up in the summer of 2020 and affected the seaside power generation plant, demonstrated how climate change affects the seas.

Wind Power Plants Turbine Blade Controls and Optimization

To ensure the continuity of operation, it is critical to closely monitor and observe the damage status of the turbine blades, which are one of the most important components of the power plant.

Natural Gas Power Plants Contribute to Efficiency and Sustainability by Shortening the Steam Turbine Commissioning Time

The commissioning process of the Bandırma Natural Gas power plants was thoroughly examined, and the specifics of the 35.2% improvement achieved in two years were discussed.