The Effect of Standardization in Asset Management and Application of ISO55001 Principles

The presentation, which began with why organisations need the ISO 55001 Asset Management standard, emphasised that the standard provides effective
resource management, transparency, and corporate consistency through a holistic approach of strategy and activity compatibility, optimum cost and
benefit balance, and a holistic approach to change management. The main components of the management system and the established system's
functioning mechanisms were mentioned. The functions of this mechanism's Organisation & People, Strategy & Planning, Operation &
Maintenance, Risk & Review have been discussed. The presentation concludes with examples from around the world of how the system is used
and the benefits it provides to businesses.


Eyüp Hamdi Kabasakal

Eyüp Hamdi Kabasakal

Technical Manager, ICAS Uluslararası Uygunluk Değerlendirme Servisi A.Ş.

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