Physical Asset Management Conference 2022

The Physical Asset Management Conference, which Enerjisa Üretim will hold for the second time this year in order to reveal the contributions of physical asset management studies to the sector and to ensure the accumulation of knowledge among other stakeholders, was held in Istanbul on 8-9 December with the theme of sustainability.

Sustainability Strategy: ESG Perspective

Aside from the impact of climate change on our way of life and business, information was provided about developments that will affect how the business world works, such as green reconciliation. The importance of the financial world in the green transformation, as well as the need for financing renewable energy projects, were highlighted in particular.

Operational Sustainability and Future of Solar Power Plants

Maximum value generation from solar power plants, which play an important role in the transformation of the energy sector, was discussed in all aspects in the panel, including design and feasibility studies of solar power plants, installation and elements to be considered in this process, operation and maintenance strategies that should be established for the plant to provide efficient and high availability, and approaches that can be provided to regain plants that have regenerated. The panel also discussed anticipated developments in solar panel technology, the positioning of domestically produced panels in the global market, and waste management in plants that have been decided to be decommissioned. Furthermore, participants presented their ideas on regulatory steps that can be taken from the investment process to the operation process of solar power plant assets on a national scale.

Understanding the Dimensions of The Climate Crisis: Evalution of COP27 Outcomes

The outcomes of COP27 were assessed, particularly the creation of a special fund for "loss and damages," which was the most fundamental discussion of COP27, the continuation of the Fossil Fuels Debate, and Turkey's updated climate target.

Macro-Economic Perspective of The Energy Market

The presentation explained new issues that sector players should consider in the way they do business and the various business models offered by the players in the energy sector, which has evolved with sustainability.

Financing, Investment and Supply Solutions in Green Energy Transformation

Officials from the investor companies, main suppliers and financing companies that take an active role in the green energy transformation attended the panel as guest speakers. Uncertainties should be eliminated for the realisation of renewable energy investments, according to the panel, and this process should be carried out by including legal processes through models developed in collaboration with the public and private sectors.

Sustainability-Focused Supply Management

How this issue is handled in procurement and purchasing departments, where one of the most important transformations in a company's sustainability journey will take place, was discussed with executives from automobile parts manufacturing, wind turbine manufacturing, and airline transportation.

Those Who Inspire Sustainability

Zorlu Enerji, Sanko Enerji, and Enerjisa Üretim were informed about their sustainability efforts and good practises.It was also stated that it is important for businesses to collaborate in order to produce exemplary projects, particularly in terms of the Partnership for the Goals Article 17 of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Future Sustainable Transformation in The Energy Sector With Green Hydrogen

Green hydrogen developments, which are regarded as one of the most promising technologies for decarbonizing the energy sector, were discussed by key stakeholders from the value chain, including stakeholders from the energy production sector, industrial gas production and distribution, academia, and public institutions.

Increased Competencies Thanks To Digitalization: Performance Management in Power Plants

Our speakers, Ali İnal, Enerjisa Production Information Technologies and Digital Business Assistant General Manager, and Alper Serçe, Hydroelectric Power Plants and Technical Support Director, first discussed the data infrastructure and data culture needed to reflect the increasing data analysis competencies to business models as a result of digitalization, and then discussed what kind of world awaits us in asset management today and in the future.

Sustainability Approaches

Economic impacts of climate change were assessed, as were the effects on economies if nothing is done, what can be done in terms of mitigation and adaptation, and the importance of Societal Well-being.

Physical Asset Management Approaches That Add Value To The Insurance Process

The contributions of Physical Asset Management practises to insurance as a form of risk management were discussed from a broad perspective in this year's panel, which featured guest speakers from leading companies in various fields of the insurance industry.