Physical Asset Management Conference 2023

The Physical Asset Management Conference, which will be held at Sabancı Centre on December 12, 2023 for the third time this year with the theme of Disaster and Crisis Management, will highlight the contributions of Enerjisa Üretim's studies on Physical Asset Management to the sector and provide knowledge to other stakeholders.

Best Practices in Crisis Management


This panel will examine the contrasting approaches of Turkey and Japan in mitigating earthquake disasters, as well as the necessary measures that need to be implemented in Turkey.

Insurance Management in Crisis Situations


Our panel will focus on insurance management during crisis situations, specifically addressing topics such as natural disaster insurance, risk assessment processes, and the role of insurance in risk management.

What did we learn during the crisis?


This panel will examine the human, technical, administrative, and organisational measures implemented by Enerjisa Üretim to effectively manage the consequences of the significant earthquake that occurred on 6 February 2023 This context highlights the crucial importance of preparedness for crises, safeguarding both physical and human assets, promoting coordination and mutual support between the holding and its subsidiaries.

Keynote Speaker


In the workplace, disaster and emergency management involve a structured preparedness process that consists of several steps. The first step is the formation of emergency teams.

Business Continuity & Crisis Management


The contemporary world presents businesses with a volatile, uncertain, and intricate environment due to factors such as political instabilities, economic fluctuations, climate change-induced natural disasters, such as earthquakes and epidemics, digital  transformation-driven changes in production processes, rising employee demands, customer expectations, and social and environmental influences.



During our event, we will offer a comprehensive evaluation of OT/EKS cyber security and explore practical strategies for organisations to adopt an adaptable approach to swiftly changing threats.

OT Cybersecurity Crisis


This discussion will focus on the significance of Cyber Security and Asset Management in relation to the sustainability goals of Operational Technology (OT) Systems. These systems, known as Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and specifically Energy Facilities Critical Infrastructures, have become highly valuable sources of data in our digital age due to advancements in technology.