Tufanbeyli Power Plant MV Cells Breaker Driving Mechanism Manufacturing & Application

Making Medium Voltage Switchgear manoeuvres safer is an important issue within the context of Occupational Health and Safety. The crank slot, which
provides access to the breaker driving mechanism in case of manoeuvre in the Medium Voltage Switchgears in Tufanbeyli Power Plant, has become
controllable in the study carried out for this purpose.The details of the manoeuvring requirement during the operations of moving the breaker
from the test position to the service position in order to activate the relevant equipment or moving the breaker from the service position to the
test position in order to deactivate the breaker in the service position have been revealed, as have the details of making it dependent on the
electromechanical locking with RL3 coil, the manufacture and assembly of which was carried out by different teams working together.


Hasan Açıkbaş

Hasan Açıkbaş

Tufanbeyli Elektrik – I&C Maintenance Manager, Enerjisa Üretim

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